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Ohaus 30253008, Scout Stx422 420G Portable Electronic Balance

Setting New Standards in Laboratory & Industrial Weighing- The Next Generation of Scout Balances Ideal for laboratory & industrial applications, the OHAUS Scout features an easy to navigate color touchscreen display & a slim design which allows stackable storage

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A real-time clock function keeps accurate time even during power loss

Additionally, GLP/GMP tracking capabilities assist in the monitoring and reporting of data

Equipped with advanced weighing technology, the Scout also ensures repeatable and reliable weighing results

Fast Weighing Speed and High Resolution Deliver Repeatable and Reliable Results

Features also include superior overload protection and expanded connectivity options

Features Quick and Efficient Navigation with the Informative Color Touchscreen Display

Geared for superior performance with fast stabilization time and high resolution weighing results, these portable balances set a new standard for a broad range of weighing applications

Increased Efficiency and Productivity in your Facility It rsquo s all about accuracy and efficiency with the OHAUS Scout Touchscreen balance

Integrated superior overload protection system rated at 10 times the capacity protects the balance in rugged and demanding environments

Large, resilient color touchscreen allows for effortless operation of the Scout through its informative icon driven menu structure, guiding the user through every step of the weighing application

Multiple Connectivity Options for Greater Flexibility in Communication

Navigate and Operate the Balance Easily with the Informative Touchscreen Display Portable balance operation has never been easier, faster or as intuitive as the new OHAUS Scout with color touchscreen display

Scout rsquo s Signature Durability Remains Unrivaled You would expect nothing less from OHAUS than the most durable portable weighing product - that rsquo s why we rsquo ve included our superior overload protection rated at 10 times the capacity of the balance, high strength stainless steel pan, impact-resistant pan support and integrated transportation/storage lock

Stabilization time as fast as 1 sec means increased productivity in the lab, or on the line

Stabilization time as fast as 1 sec means increased productivity in your facility

Superior Overload Protection amp Stackable Storage Drive Overall Durability

The OHAUS Scout with color touchscreen display creates a new level of unmatched efficiency and functionality in portable weighing

The space-saving, slim design allows for stackable storage

To complement our signature durability, the Scout Touchscreen is designed to be stackable when utilizing the included stacking and storage cover, which also protects the balance when not in use.

We rsquo ve even ensured that the high quality, resistive touchscreen is built to last

With expanded connectivity options including RS232, USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet and Bluetooth reg , the Scout provides added versatility to your data collection and transfer needs

With improved resolution, you can count on extremely precise and repeatable weighing results time and time again

You rsquo ll navigate easily through the Scout rsquo s resistive touchscreen interface and icon-driven menu structure, maneuver efficiently in and out of application modes, change weighing units with a simple press of the screen and execute setup and calibration functions in no time