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Renguangdo - Camellia Seed Powder 500G

Brand from Hong Kong: RenGuangDo

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100 Camellia Seed Powder, After extraction of Camellia Seed Oil the Seeds are crushed into powder

Add tap water to adjust suitable temperature and use it as a shampoo to wash hair

Best to leave hair in Camellia Seed water for a while

Boil for 4 minutes

Brings life, softness freshness and lightness to the hair

For post-pregnancy applications, it is recommended to add a few slices of ginger into boiling water with camellia seed powder, and use the water when warm to wash and rinse hair.

How to use Fill 50g of Camellia Seed Powder into the net provided

It consists of camellia saponin effectively helps to remove oil and dirt, as well as killing germs

Pour the content from the saucepan into a clean basin

Prevents inchiness and odour on scalp

Reduces dandruff, allergy and help to minimize hair loss

Rinse thoroughly and for best results, apply a few drops of RenGuangDo Pure Camellia Seed Oil or Camellia Seed Hair Essence to massage scalp

Suitable for all hair type epscially for flat, fragile and thinning hair

Tighten the net and drop it into a saucepan of water 1 litre or 4 cups

Turn the heat off and leave the net inside for a further 5 minutes

Whereas Camellia Seed Hair Treatment Oil for nourishing the dry ends